5 Tips for Him when Proposing How to Make Sure She Says Yes

written by Armen Musaderyan

1) Make sure you test her ahead of time

If you have the slightest idea of getting married in the near future, take the time to express it to her. See how she feels, discuss your ideas, dreams and plans to make sure both of you are ready for this and on the same page.

2) Make the perfect engagement ring purchase

Although it’s not a must, it’s highly recommended to let her choose the setting and you choose the diamond. Visit a few jewelry shops or look around online to get a feel of her style. Remember, she will wear this ring forever, this way she is happy with the style of the ring but has no idea when you will actually buy the diamond. Read our blog onWhat do I need to know when purchasing a diamond? & How much should I spend?

3) Make sure to talk to her parents

This is also not a must, but if she is traditional it’s recommended that you set aside time to sit with her parents and ask her father for her hand in marriage. This is not only a nice gesture but a great way to let your future father-in-law know that you are sincere, not to mention a great bonding experience for you two.

4) Make it a surprise

By this time she has an idea about you proposing but make sure she does not figure out exactly when. Don’t tell too many people before she gets surprised, let her break the news to people and enjoy the excitement. If you must, only talk to a certain few like her best friend and/or her sister, those that really know her well.

5) Make sure to be prepared, make it intimate, choose a personal spot, and practice, practice, practice.

Consider your significant others personality type; is she more of a private romantic type or public large crowd, popping the question on a loudspeaker during halftime type? It’s important to take into account her point of view before settling on a proposal spot. Intimate settings work best if she doesn’t like being the center of attention. Think of a special place that marks some type of milestone in your relationship for example, where you two met, or the location of your first date.

Okay, so you’ve found the perfect spot for your proposal. Now what about the creative details? This is an unforgettable moment that will be told and retold over and over again to your friends, family, kids and grandkids, make it a story worth telling. Show her that you not only remember but cherish the little details in your relationship. Taking her back to the first date and recreating the entire night as it was will leave her in awe. Integrating her interests and special moments from your relationship is like the icing on the cake!

Make sure to bend down on your knee. Proposing to her down on a bended knee shows her your devotion and vulnerability to her. It’s the classic gentlemen’s romantic approach that she will not only appreciate but it’ll add that special touch to the moment like no other gesture can.

Plan out what you want to say to her beforehand, write it down and practice it. However, it is best if you don’t take a cheat sheet and read off of it, keeping eye contact is important. And if you get tongue tied in the moment just speak from the heart. Tell her the things that lead up to this moment of you asking her to be your bride. It’s this moment and exactly what you say to her that makes it one of a kind.

When the proposal is done you are not finished planning, make sure to plan a celebration with only you two right after you pop the question. In addition tell both parents and siblings to be on standby to celebrate after you’ve popped the question. Or plan ahead of time to visit her family and yours for a mini celebration, and even a few close friends. After all, this is truly champagne worthy celebration!