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Ten Ways to Get Your Monies Worth on Your Wedding Day

written by Armen Musaderyan

When reserving a venue/hall make sure the tables, chairs, tablecloth, and silverware are not an extra cost. Make sure to ask if there are any hidden fees beforehand. Also if tax and service is included. Ask if you get extras with the venue/hall package you are considering. Sometimes you might overlook things that are offered, ask for things such as: …



written by Armen Musaderyan

Copy & Pictures Provided By: When two people consummate their love by deciding to join in union, the world is unaware of this choice. It is sacred and shared only with the nearest and dearest of those it affects. An invitation tells the world, we are ready. This invitation says to the world love is possible love is real. …


What Do I Need To Know When Purchasing a Diamond? & How Much Should I Spend?

written by Armen Musaderyan

Thinking of popping the question?   You are probably thinking I don’t know anything about diamonds and how much am I going to spend?       Don’t let anyone pressure you or tell you how much to spend   How much you spend on your engagement ring should be entirely up to you and your fiancée. Make sure months …


Five Amazing Honeymoon Destinations

written by Armen Musaderyan

1) Antigua & Barbuda Antigua & Barbuda have amazing sunsets, breathtaking night sky, beaches to lay out on, and trails to hike. They are also known for their pink sand beaches. 2) Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Known for its impressive sunsets, romantic hotels, and traditional food. Turks & Caicos is made for those honeymooners that want to lounge on the beach and hear …